MUSA ensures your application is 100% accurate

No hourly rates here. For one flat fee, you get an experienced immigration advisor to help you complete your application, error-free.

What will my immigration lawyer do for me?
The immigration system is very complicated and full of potential traps and hazards, the slightest of which can cost you $1000s. With MUSA, you get an immigration lawyer who helps you avoid the errors and maximize your chance of success.
Once we check your forms and supporting documents for completeness and accuracy, your lawyer will review your application to make sure we didn’t miss anything and to check for potential legal issues. Ultimately, they will review a complete digital copy of your application package so that you can file with confidence.
  • We turn all the required government forms into simple questions you can answer online.
  • We illustrate in plain language exactly which documents you need to provide.
  • We review your case for the highest level of quality and accuracy.
Your relationship with your lawyer is set out in a comprehensive sequence of initial and case commencement advice about your immigration matter are covered by the “attorney-client privilege,” giving them an added level of legal protection.
MUSA immigration lawyers have many years of relevant experience and a history of successful filings behind them. Apart from their skills and experience, they are responsive and empathetic.

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Immigration Lawyers mean your case is filed with confidence

Minimize your risk of application rejection or denial

Save $1000s


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Our Success Rate is 99.8%

Dominic Schunker
MUSA Partners
The Partners here at MUSA are here to ensure your case is handled by the most appropriate lawyer
Astrid Permine
Dominic is MUSA's Managing Partner. He co-founded Merchant Chapel and the Skillclear Immigration Services brand in 1998, which went on to practice in the US, UK, Canada and Australia. He specialized in US Immigration law and in 2017, he left to form MUSA, where he is still hands-on and focused on Family and Work-related US Immigration.
Astrid was senior case manager at Merchant Chapel with Dominic and joined him at MUSA in 2017. Astrid ran the show there and is now Senior Partner here, and specializes in Family and Permanent Residence Green Cards. Dominic will be the first to admit that Astrid is still effectively running the show.
Personalized legal support at a fraction of what it costs to hire most immigration lawyers