MUSA Video

Living in the USA 




Overview/Pilot Episode covering ways you can be in the USA, from working, investing, studying, joining family or just having fun.

Covering all the ways you can be in the USA based on Employment.

Covering all the ways you can be in the USA based on Family.


Advanced Degree

Contract Work

Company Transfer

If your non-US employer has a branch in the US, they can transfer you to that US branch or even to start a new US branch.

If you have an advanced degree and specialist skills, you don't need an employer to sponsor you.

Go to the US to work on short contracts for your non-US employer with their clients.




And of course, you can visit an amazing country and have fun of all kinds.


If you have ever had any trouble entering the US, or think you might, there are ways to get rid of any black marks on your record.

Finally, you're there in the US. Now have you sorted out schooling, healthcare, accommodation, cras, phones, insurance and all the other things?

Business Visitors



There are an awful lot of things you can realistically do on a business visit.

Undertake academic, vocational or exchage-based training in the US and get course-related practical training as well.

From $100,000 to $1.8m, invest and work with your new business, or just invest.