Work as on a Foreign Exchange Visa

You can go on an Exchange Visa to work for up to a year in a variety of activities, including as an intern, trainee, specialist, physician, teacher, reasearcher, even camp counsellor or au pair. Your US sponsor will need to be registered as an exchange sponsor first.  

Understanding all of the routes for going to the U.S.

General Options


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Trade with the US

If you or your non-US company conducts over 50% of your trade with the US, you can go to the US as a Treaty Trader to work and take control of that US business.

Visit the US

And, of course, you can just go to make a business visit or just have fun or pass through the US to a different destination

If your answer is “Yes” to any of these questions, you may be able to move to the US on a temporary or permanent basis in one of the following categories. 




Family in the US

If you have direct relatives already living in the US as US Citizens or US green card holders, you can probably get a green card. Relevant family members include spouses, fiance(e)s, parents, children and siblings.

They all have different processing times, depending on how immediate they are as family members but a green card is possible

Study in the US

You can go and study for academic, vocational or exchange purposes and usually work on or off campus part-time during term time and full-time outside term time. You can also undertake Optional Practical Training and get paid work experience in your chosen field

US Job Offer

If you have a job offer from a US employer, you can go on a variety of visas. Some of them take a fair while because you have to prove that a local worker is not available for the job and some are much faster.

You can also go for up to a year on contract and work full time or go for up to 6 months and do limited work activities.

Please note that Migration USA does not engage in finding jobs. Please do not ask us about that. 

Advanced Degree and Specialist Skills

If you have an advanced degree along with extensive skills and experience in an area that might not have enough US workers, you can go on a special green card and you don’t ever need to find an employer.

Company Transfer

Your non-US company can transfer you to the US branch of their company to work as a senior employee or specialist. You can even be sent to start a new branch for your employer.


You can go to invest over $100k in a new business or an existing business and work with those businesses. You can also invest between £1m and $1.8m in anything you like and you won’t have to work in the enterprise

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